Friday, August 7, 2009


Just in time for the early days of this blog, sheriff's deputies have fined numerous dog owners in nearby Encinitas for running their dogs off leash during on leash hours in parks of mixed use. The mayor of Encinitas apparently believes that sheriff's deputies have more serious matters to attend to.

I wonder if the good mayor has ever heard of the "Broken Windows" theory of law enforcement.

I have emailed Mayor Houlihan expressing my support for the deputies' action.

This incident highlights an unfortunate, and, from my experience, growing antagonism between on leash and off leash dog walkers. There are communities that are entirely off leash. I do not take my dogs into such communities. Vacation and resort areas frequently are totally off leash. That's the way things are and if I have a dog that cannot safely roam loose--as my sight hounds certainly cannot--I should not take them into such areas.

However. In cities and residential areas, on leash dogs should be protected from unrestrained dogs.

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