Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dog Attack

In Vista, San Diego County, around 7 pm, July 5, 2009, Kathi and Don were walking their three greyhounds. A few doors from their home, they heard a noise from behind them. A male pit bull, broken chain around its neck, charged straight for their female, Chantal, and started biting her neck. Neighbors came to the scene with a large stick, which Don applied to the attacking dog to no avail. In order to subdue him, Don had to drop his entire body over the pit bull and pin the dog against a fence.

Kathi ran home with her dogs, called 911, and took Chantal to an emergency veterinarian. Chantal’s wounds were closed with many stitches and a drain was necessary in one particularly deep laceration.

County Animal Control and Sheriff’s Deputies eventually found the loose pit bull, followed him to his home, and gave his owner a warning and advice on how to better secure his dog.

Court hearings are pending.

An entire neighborhood now walks in fear. Chantal’s wounds are healing, but she is understandably nervous on her walks. And Kathi and Don—indeed, all their neighbors—arm themselves with mace, pepper spray, and sharp sticks when they walk their dogs.

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